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  • address Plot 19-20 Block Dr.Quam Hakeem Habeeb Close Off Chevron Drive Lekki Lagos
  • phone0700MAGDPRO (09099997033)
    07000MAGDEV (08141290593)

Why work with an Architect?

Architects should be sensitive to the responsibilities that come with the profession.
Magnificient Properties is mindful of the duties that accompany the creation of structures and says, “Architecture, creativity and art are very disciplined endeavours and draw heavily on personal and emotional resources. We can put something into the world – that is what we have to offer.”

What makes us special:

We specialise in customised, crafted design, nothing is standard – everything is exceptional! Jenny has an intrinsic architectural technique, yet she is adept at collaborating with her clients, at establishing a design dialogue that ensures that their needs and desires are captured by the built form. Jenny has immense attention to detail and is a perfectionist who will ensure quality of work. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and will be on site every week to give it special attention and make sure everything goes according to plan, to deal with any on-site complications ensuring the design is not compromised.